Misconceptions Prevalent In ML & AI

In defence of Machine Learning: various AI & ML Misunderstandings debunked. Let's churn the truth out.

Machine Learning Development Life Cycle

Major Stages in majority of MLDLC: Planning, Data Engineering & Modeling

Various Roles in a Typical Machine Learning Project

Successful machine learning projects requires a diversity in expertise. Lets see how roles are distributed in an ML team, and how they all collaborate.

Managing Successful Machine Learning Teams

Managing Machine Learning Projects with confidence. Successful teams embrace ML as well as non-ML stuff. We provide tips on how to go about setting up your ML team.

Misconceptions About Software Testing

There are many misconceptions surrounding software testing. So what are the they ? This blog discusses the rationality behind some of them.

Various Roles In Software Testing

Many Roles & Responsibilities in a Complex Software Testing Project are Cross-functional and some are Singular Roles. And these Roles are evolving.

Software Testing Techniques

Based on the testing information flow, a testing technique specifies the strategy used in testing to select input test cases and analyze test results. Here's an exhaustive overview.

Software Testing Principles -ISTQB

The seven Principles of Software Testing are also known as the pillars for testing. What are they? Testing an application is important to know whether any error or defect exists.

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