ChatGPT: What's all the fuss about?

GUPTA, Gagan       Posted by GUPTA, Gagan
      Published: January 18, 2023

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1 Million users within a week of launch

Within weeks of its public debut, ChatGPT attracted more than a million active users. This AI software was used to generate Computer Programs, Compose music, Play games and take a bar exam for law. Students used it to generate essays and finish their articles and publications. The world (including the students and teachers) soon discovered that ChatGPT could be used to generate useable essays worthy of a "B" academic grade. Now many universities and schools are blocking ChatGPT.

A - grade vs B - grade

Well, if an AI based software is capable of passing the bar exam in an acceptable and respectable B grade, is there any reason why it cant write a legal brief or why it cant give a legal advice? If the same AI software can pass the Medical licensing exam, is there any reason why it cant provide a diagnosis or a sound medical advice? If it can fix bugs in a piece of software, why it cant write a new software?

I am afraid that all the jobs that will be automated of existence will not be limited to the low-skilled or low-paid anymore. Just a matter of time and data available, ChatGPT's "B" grade essays will eventually improve to become an "A" quality essay!

The last several years have seen a dramatic progress in the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to solve everyday problems. ChatGPT, which is still in its beta version, is a state of the art language processing AI model developed by OpenAI, capable of generating human like text. I am impressed by results it produces. The service is launched as initially free to the public, with plans to monetize the service later.

ChatGPT is far from perfect as an AI LLM (Large Language Model) software tool. The information it provides is only as reliable as in the data available to it off the internet. How the software uses this internet data depends on Training using ML algorithms. The weightage that ChatGPT assigns to its outputs / answers is derived from more sophisticated reinforcement learning algorithms, where the users rate the response. Users are asked to vote the bot's responses each time they ask a question.

When ChatGPT answers to users queries, is it being Original or Creative? If creativity can be taught to humans, it can be taught to AI software as well. If humans can be Original, can AI software be Original as well? Yes, may be not today, but than its just a matter of time. Originality is different from Creativity. There is no consensus on whether originality is inborn or can be taught. May be its a bit of both.

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ChatGPT: What's all the fuss about?
ChatGPT: What's all the fuss about?

How to Get Started With ChatGPT

One can get started with ChatGPT by going to Click "Sign Up" to set up your account. Once you sign in, you are able to start chatting away with ChatGPT. A good way to get your conversation started is by asking a question.

Right now, ChatGPT is free to use - but the company admits they may need to monetize in the future. Its not cheap to run a $29 billion worth of software.

ChatGPT vs Search Engines

Is it a replacement of Search Engines, is Google a competition? No, not today. In future, not so far from today, they might be. Search Engines and ChatGPT works differently. ChatGPT does no indexing, leaving room for error. ChatGPT is not even connected to internet. But neither was internet indexed in its early days. But Internet evolved, so will ChatGPT or its likes.

For AI / ML people: ChatGPT has over 175 Billion parameters and was trained on more than 500 GB of text. Whats even more impressive is that, It can even do things that it was not even trained to do, with no training examples. Seems like, gradually, it is acquiring a life of its own. What sets ChatGPT apart from a simple chatbot is that it was specifically trained to understand the human intent in a question and provide helpful, truthful, and harmless answers. OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT are working on a tool to attempt to watermark its text generation systems so as to combat bad actors using their services for academic plagiary or for spam.

Paul Graham of Y Combinator tweeted that The striking thing about the reaction to ChatGPT is not just the number of people who are blown away by it, but who they are. These are not people who get excited by every shiny new thing. Clearly something big is happening.

As per one article, that Microsoft Bing is planning to add optional ChatGPT functionality into its public search engine, possibly around March 2023. I really look forward to that, where people can compare results from ChatGPT and Search Algorithms and ultimately, ChatGPT might become the new "way" we do our searches, who knows? Possibilities are enormous. Things are moving much faster than you and me can even grasp. So far, it seems that ChatGPT is quite good at answering fact-based questions like "What is newtons third law of motion?" In the next few versions it will get better in answering opinion-based questions like "Who is the best cricketer in the world?"

I have been using Chatbots for a while now. I remember using my first chatbot, back in 1999, which i could as well, install on my PC. I could ask very simple questions, with a single digit accuracy. It was working offline. The accuracy rate of ChatGPT is not that high, but ChatGPT is most impressive so far. ChatGPT's surprisingly human-like prose and confidence when answering questions have made it an overnight hit. ChatGPT is the leading path into the technological future.

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The Future

Lately, ChatGPT has been giving error messages and showing at capacity. Due to its immense popularity, the servers have been overloaded, causing error messages and preventing users from accessing the service. To prevent further overloading, OpenAI has limited the number of users that can access the service.

Future looks promising. Some potential future developments in the software might include:

:- Improved bias reduction
:- Connecting to internet
:- Inclusion of more langauges
:- Integration with other technologies
:- Contextual understanding
:- Wider domain
:- Price Policy for general public use and much more.

The Alternative

ChatSonic is a good alternative. Its integrated with Google, therefore it has the possibility to crawl the internet, so you can always stay up to date, unlike ChatGPT. Just try the Chrome extension of ChatSonic. With the API, one can even painlessly integrate ChatSonic to their existing software. ChatSonic, listens (voice searches) to what you have to say and suggests relevant topics to delve into. It can help you find the right words to communicate your ideas or generate compelling stories and projects.

ChatGPT or ChatSonic or somethng else; You and I are experiencing, something big here. I think, its going to be a game changer. I think it has the capacity to hold and stay. Its not a bubble.

Human vs AI

Moving forward, how to determine if something was written by a human or an AI: you can look for the absence of personal experiences or emotions, check for inconsistency in writing style, and watch for the use of filler words or repetitive phrases. These may be signs that the text was generated by an AI.

Has the use of calculators made me less mathematical? Has the use of Google Translate prevented me from learning new words or a new language? No. Can ChatGPT replace my learning skills by generating the articles itself? No, it wont. Humans adapt. ChatGPT is a software. I will be worried the day ChatGPT can create another ChatGPT like sensational tool. Till then, it is just going to eat low skilled, low pay jobs, and generating more of different kinds.

p.s.: "With great power comes great responsibility", said Spider-Man.

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ChatGPT: What's all the fuss about?

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