Python for Beginners

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      Published: September 28, 2020

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Imagine having to climb a mountain of boring stuff before you could get to what you actually want!
Wouldn't it be wonderful, if only you could start almost from the top and pick up the things we actually need as we descend ?

The picture you see if one of the famous mountain cliff in Norway, The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen). The view is amazing from the top. I was here in year 2011. On my way down, I slipped and I had to limp for 5 hours just to get down. The day before I climbed another popular mountain after 9 hours of night driving. My muscles were tired and needed to relax. I kept pushing them. I learned where my physical limits were. I still had to drive for 9 hours, only to get back home. You must be wondering, what it got to do with Python for Beginners. Bear with me.

I assume, you have heard of Python !
I am not gonna bore you with all the technicalities or the industry jargons, just be with me and keep reading for next 3 minutes !

Python, is a great programming language as a first language. I must admit, it was not my first programming language though. Back in my time, it used to be C. I took almost a month to tame C in 1996. After years in the industry, took just 1 hour to code my first working code in Python. That's how easy it is to learn Python for anybody, or you.

Python is easy to learn, highly readable, and simple to use. It has a clean and English-like syntax which requires less coding, makes it fun to work with.
Python is a great language for programming beginners to learn, and you don't need any prior experience with code to pick it up, of course under the structured and proper guidance.

What I found boring while learning Python was how generic all the learning resources were. I wanted to do a specific task, why shall I learn the whole thing ? What worked for me was blending learning the basics with building interesting things. I spent as little time as possible learning the basics, then immediately dove into creating things I needed.
Before you start diving into learning Python, it's worth asking yourself why you want to learn it. It keeps you motivated. Without enough motivation, you probably won't make it through, no matter how easy the subject is.
I believe that the first step in learning any programming language is making sure that you understand how to learn. Learning how to learn is arguably the most critical skill involved in computer programming.
Consistency is very important when you are learning a new language, code everyday and build something, anything. Some fun examples could be: Simple addition calculator, number guessing game, Dice roll simulator or many more...

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Python for Beginners
Python for Beginners

Use-cases of Python

Many of you have heard of Tesla; the great self driving car from Elon Musk. A normal car has over 10,000 moving parts, whereas a Tesla has around 150. It's an electric car. By market value, its the biggest car company on this planet. The car runs on Python, well not solely. Other popular applications of Python are:

-Data Science / Machine Learning
-Artificial Intelligence (AI)
-Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
-Mobile apps
-Data processing and analysis
-Hardware / Sensors
-Automation Scripts

Python is heavily used in Insurance, Retail Banking, Finance, Business services & Aerospace.

I like to mention one resource that I think is the most beneficial (and also lots of fun) for those planning to get quick insight into Python.
All of the online learning portals requires that you are a self starter. Python for You and Me is a great resource in that it starts from square one.

Amazingly enough, but you do not have to install Python to start working with it. Just use this online python interpreter Online Python Interpreter and you can have lots of fun with Python without having to install anything.

Free Python Games has some example code for game lovers; just copy/paste, run & enjoy the game !

Different companies and industries have different standards, but in Python, certificates don't carry much weight. Employers care about the skills you have. When it comes to develop a skill, any skill for that sake, Malcolm Gladwell's principle often holds true. This is beyond the scope of this article, so won't write more about it. Highly recommend you to read about it though.

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Keep Learning

If its not fun to learn, chances are high that your kid is not going to continue the interest in the subject for long. Games are fun programming projects for kids to learn Python, something they can easily relate to.
Motivation is a key component of successful learning. Without the proper incentives, students can get bored and abandon a subject before they've become proficient. The key is to ease kids into learning Python by working with small chunks of information at a time. If the information is organized into a highly visual format, that's even better.

# Here is an extremely simple Python code to add two numbers entered by user :
number1 = input("First number: ")
number2 = input("\nSecond number: ")
# Adding two numbers
# User might also enter float numbers
sum = float(number1) + float(number2)
# Display the sum
# will print value in float
print("The sum of {0} and {1} is {2}" .format(number1, number2, sum))

I promised you, not to get too technical. With Python, you open yourself to unlimited career potential. Python is no longer just for computer programmers. Python is not just a programming language anymore, it has become a necessary skill. Financial Analysts, Entrepreneurs, Marketing professionals, Advocates, Journalist, Educators; all need it in various degrees in performing their daily work more efficiently.

Python has a large community that continuously contributes to its development.
At the end of the day, Python is evolving all the time. There are only a few people who can legitimately claim to completely understand the language, and they created it ! Python is a really fun and rewarding language to learn, and I think anyone can get to a high level of proficiency in it if they find the right motivation.

Back to the cliff story, the next day I had to write my first Python code. Only by pushing myself to the limits in previous 3 days, I realized where my limits were. When I was there at the crossroads with my limits, I realized how to learn Python in just 1 hour. That was my Shangri La moment.

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Looking forward to see you soon, till then Keep Learning !

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Python for Beginners

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