How to choose a data science program

How to choose data science program

Posted by Gagan Kr. Gupta | Published: 2020-02-22 |                                               |  

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Google and Facebook’s targeting algorithms might benefit you in a way such that will make you a willing recipient to a slew of online courses, trainings and bootcamp advertisements, event and conference invitations on anything Big Data Science and Analytics. Using machine learning, Google and Facebook have probably profiled multiple Data Science Trainings for freshers and working professionals who have made or desire for a career progression to data analytics looking for further advanced education. Quite accurate, actually.

The multicultural IT hub, Gurgaon (aka Gurugram), is flooded with Data Science training programs. Many of them knows what they are teaching ! It helps a bit. but in the end, it leaves the end user, that is YOU, perplexed. Where to start and how to decide. And let me tell you, there is not right recipe. You ought to talk to many of them before you make the final move.







Good news and the bad news

Now, probably your challenge lies in choosing which ones to take and to prioritize. The choices can get overwhelming and will give you that urgent feeling that you need to take on as many courses as you can to become an expert in the fastest way possible.

Well !, there is a bad news and a good news. Bad news first. There are no shortcuts.

Good news is that you have to get structured to get, whats best for you.

At Vyom Data Science`s, we have a pool of experienced and talented professionals as trainers. Drop us a query to get the right talent for your current and future needs!

Our students are well trained proficient professionals who have taken the initiative to learn essential new skills through our various career-oriented programs.

Here are my some essential tips in choosing a course:
1. Be clear in where to want to specialize in.
2. Have an honest assessment of your current skill level.
3. Plan out your budget accordingly.
4. Consider the time and mind space you are willing to put in.

You know you have come to the right place, if:

1. You are looking for professionals with hands-on experience in relatively new technologies.
2. You are looking for professionals with guaranteed experience and expertise in technologies.
3. You are looking for professionals who are updated and industry-relevant.
4. You are looking for professionals who possess Global Certifications
5. You are looking for professionals with many years of international experience.
6. You are looking for professionals who have the entire SDLC and full stack development expertise and beyond !
7. You are looking for someone who is so sure to give to 100% money back and 100% placement guarantee.

Book a personal meeting with us and we'll put you in front of an ocean of talented and qualified practitioners. We’re happy to provide you with more details about the training process. Let one of our representative get back to you.

We have a pool of experienced Engineer’s and Manager’s. We take care of your training and placement needs. Be it Project Consultancy, Agile Team Management, Software Testing, Machine Learning Models, Product Development or just simple software development. We provide A-Z of SDLC, the complete package.

Looking forward to see you soon.



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